The William Penn Life

The Official Publication of WIlliam Penn Association

Our official publication, William Penn Life, remains the most informative means of direct contact between the Home Office and our members. Despite its success in achieving this mission, the official publication needs to continually evolve in order to reflect the ever-changing needs and lifestyles of our members, to maintain reader interest, and to remain an effective communication tool.

Each month, the publication lists Branch Activities, upcoming events and other news of interest to our members.

Our members and branches can help insure the quality of our publication by:

  1. Regularly submitting news about their activities.
  2. Reporting any disruptions in home delivery.
  3. Sharing any comments, criticisms and suggestions about our publication.

It is only with input from our members that the publication can effectively serve their needs.

We offer the William Penn Life as a free download here on our site. Pictured below are the most recent publications.
























































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