Achieve your long-term goals

pbankAdequate income at retirement can mean financial independence and peace of mind. It can mean doing all of the things we have worked toward during a lifetime of effort.

But how much income will we need at retirement, and where will it come from when our salaries or wages stop?

The amount of income we will need depends on the standard of living we wish to maintain.

Social Security and other pension benefits may provide a modest monthly income. But, as many people discover to their dismay, it still costs a lot to live after you retire. The limited amounts available from government and company pension plans often don’t provide as much income as people need.



How does a WPA Annuity work?

We will set up a flexible account, providing you with a guaranteed future income, based on the premiums you pay. Ideal for retirement, your WPA Annuity contract is a great long-term plan for your future and for your family members. WPA Annuities are available as either “qualified” (traditional or Roth IRA) or “non-qualified” plans. You choose which is best suited for your needs.



Key Advantages of WPA Annuities

Safety – WPA maintains cash reserves which exceed those required by law.

Competitive Rates – Current WPA interest rates are guaranteed to never drop below 3%.

Management free – There are no sales or administrative fees. 100% of your premiums begin earning interest immediately upon payment

Lifetime Income – Cash payments can be made in a lump sum or through other settlement options.

Probate Avoided – Should the annuitant die prior to the contract maturity date, the total cash value is paid directly to the beneficiary.

Flexibility – Premium Payments may be discontinued or resumed at any time.



Our Annuity Plans

Penn “Preferred” 9-Year Withdrawal Charge Annuity

Current Interest Rate 5.50%.
Earns our highest interest rate.
Issue Ages: 0-80
Make withdrawals after 9 years with no WPA penalties.

Penn “Secure Two” 2-Year Withdrawal Charge Annuity

Current Interest Rate 5.00%.
Earns a competitive short-term interest rate.
Issue Ages: 0-87
Make withdrawals after 2 years with no WPA penalties.

Penn “High Five” 5-Year Withdrawal Charge Annuity

Current Interest Rate 5.25%.
Earns our second-highest interest rate.
Issue Ages: 0-85
Make withdrawals after 5 years with no WPA penalties.

Please Note: All Annuities may be subject to IRS penalties for early withdrawal.
Minimum Guaranteed Rate on all new contracts is 3.0%.

*Rates listed are for NEW contracts.


Achieve Your Long-Term Goals

Annuities from the William Penn Association can be used to grow funds for retirement, education, or purchase of a home. Whatever your long-term goals, an annuity can be a valuable tool to help you achieve it.

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